Welcome to Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory!

   In 1997, Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory (BPEL) was established by Prof. Seung Wook Kim of Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, Korea University. With a long history, our laboratory has always revolved around the frontier researches of bioprocess engineering.
   BPEL is a confluent study group. Currently, 15 students and 3 research professors from four countries are studying at our laboratory. BPEL encourages and supports every new idea with bold in innovation of every member's research. With the mutual culture, the development of academic study and research life of BPEL is sustainable based on sparking ideas and innovation. More than 50 alumni successfully graduated from BPEL and commence their talents in academy and industry.
   BPEL is a professional academic group. With the development, the research area of BPEL has been infiltrated to all aspects of bioprocess engineering, which include metabolic engineering, bioenergy production, enzymatic fuel cell and development of nano-sensor. Various key biotechnologies have been developed and improved in our laboratory, such as: advance immobilization of enzymes and cells, strain mutant with genetic engineering, and statistical optimization of bioconversion process.
   BPEL is an efficient research group. More than 190 research SCI or SCIE papers have been published in international journals and also more than 50 research papers are published in domestic journals. About 50 patents have been achieved by BPEL and some of them have already successfully applied in industry. With conscientious supervision of Prof. Seung Wook Kim, several research projects have been operated by BPEL with Korea governments, such as Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, National Research Foundation of Korea, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.